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Born and raised in Chicago's roughest projects, rapper/entertainer Chella H, aka Jennifer LowEnd (MichellaObama)- turned the peril of a fatherless household and a mother battling drug addiction for the majority of her childhood into an escape through music & entertainment, During her teenage years, she maintained her life on the streets by peddling drugs and boosting in the stores. After numerous arrest she then realized it was time to take her gift to another level.

With her name continuing to blossom, Chella has previously collaborated with hip-hop phenomenons such as Bump J,Trina, Zaytoven,Soulja Boy, Lil Durk, Freddie Gibbs, Honorable C-Note & King Louie just to name a few. Simultaneously, she earned features on platforms like MTV, BET, Complex, Pitchfork, Vibe, Fuse TV, Noisey and many others. Chella has etched out a niche as one of the more magnetic and lyrical women in the game.

Chella H’s realism, sense of humor and consistency have allowed her to gain attention as an independent artist, earning major support from all over the world.While consistently releasing new music, She recently launched her own web series titled “Real Shit 101”. Chella is the street’s favorite not only for her relatable well-timed music but because she is the glowing underdog who has eclipsed obstacles to become more than music. And Chella, nor the streets, are shy about reminding you.

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